2005 Tonemasters Pic aDear Family and Friends, Welcome and thank you for taking time to visit my site. My vision for this website is to assist with the healing and freedom from fear, self-esteem and the self- imposed prison we often place ourselves in. As you explore my site, my hope is that your heart will open to the really wonderful things this life has to offer. Healing and Freedom will allow you to care again, love again, free yourselves and deepen your relationships with Your Creator, self and others. After reading my book, I know that you will experience healing and freedom just as I did through the music, writings and encounters with these Esteemed Sacred Tone masters.

Love Jacqui'


Picture taken by Jonel Daphnis and Melanin Body Project.

Tribute To Octavia Butler

 Author Jacqueline Harris was the featured speaker at a tribute to her friend Octavia Estelle Butler in Lincoln, Vermont to speak at a tribute to Octavia Butler. Octavia and Jacqueline met through a hilarious, yet miraculous encounter. Octavia became a guide, reading board, and “Jegna” to Jacqueline, but more important was the friendship and laughter they shared. That to Jacqueline is priceless.

The above bust was dedicated to Octavia Butler. Octavia is considered the “Mother of Science Fiction”. Octavia has written many novels and has won every award imaginable in the book world, including the prestigious MacArthur Foundation Grant.

Jacqueline proudly dedicates her first novel, “Healing and Freedom Through These Sacred Tone Masters” to Octavia Butler. Get a copy and read about their friendship and Octavia’s effect on Jacqueline’s life. Jacqueline loves the above picture as she feels that Octavia continues to look over her.



bookcover4Read how the universe lined up for Jacqueline to have 2 portraits painted with some of the worlds greatest singers and authors. Read how Jacqueline met these greats in such miraculous ways and all within 5 months of the completion of each portrait.

Also enjoy how she was able to heal from fear, self-esteem issues, a closed heart and free herself from the self-imposed prison that she was trapped in with the help of the music, tones, written words, encounters with and therapeutic friendships with these revered women.

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